Support #TeamRonyx today!

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Team Ronyx is arriving at CPL on July 14!

Join us on Sunday, July 14, at 1pm to celebrate Ron and Onyx as they cross the finish line at CPL! Click here for more information about our celebration.

Ron Storms and his faithful, four-legged companion, Onyx, are taking the adventure of a lifetime to raise money for Canine Partners for Life! On March 1, Ron and Onyx will leave the Oregon coast and ride across country, on bicycle, ultimately ending at the CPL facility in Cochranville, Pennsylvania! Ron's goal is to bring awareness to CPL's mission and raise $30,000, the cost of one service dog partnership. The pair plans to ride approximately 30 miles per day. Onyx, a black Labrador, will be pulled in a cart behind Ron's bicycle, but only when it is safe and the weather allows.

So how did this idea come about? Ron raised dogs all his life and has always had a special place in his heart for individuals with disabilities. He had a close relationship with his disabled aunt and always felt an urge to help more individuals like her. After four years of planning and intense research, Ron and Onyx mapped out their route and chose CPL as their beneficiary.

We encourage you to stay updated on Ron and Onyx's Great Adventure by following their Facebook page, Onyx's Great Adventure. Check out their planned route to see if they are riding through a city near you!